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Your experienced partner in recycling of secondary raw materials and industrial minerals

We Help You Recycle

We provide competitive pricing to businesses and people interested in environmental sustainability and the correct disposal of various end-of-life materials.

Beta Metal recycling’s main operation is gathering and recycling secondary raw materials. To best serve you, we do an accurate appraisal of your material, followed by a competitive pricing offer.

Prices & Payments

At Beta Metal, prices are often supplied on a daily basis in relation to the current metal market. We are pleased to provide you with the most convenient payment method with a short payment time.

Contributing to a More Sustainable World

Recycling metal is seen as an ecologically beneficial technique for reducing demand for mined metal, conserving precious natural resources, and removing the energy and expenses associated with extracting mined metals from the earth.

Allow us to be your partner and make the process of recovering these items as simple as possible, with a short turnaround time, quick settlement, and, most important, offering you the best price.

Some More Reasons to Count on Us

We are flexible

We can negotiate various payment options, processing periods, and quote methods based on the needs of our individual clients.

We are vigilant

We make certain that all practices are carried out with the highest care and attention.

We are responsible

We constantly work in accordance with global recycling standards and maintain complete compliance with local environmental agencies.

Our Products

Industrial Minerals

We purchase wide range of industrial minerals using third-party for testing of the material to provide most accurate and unbiased results.

Electronic Waste

We purchase E-Waste from all around the world. Processors, RAM, Circuit Boards, ECUs and other electrical components are among the items we recycle.

Processing service:

Crushing service for minerals and rocks

We do not have a crushing plant at the moment, but we can recommend trusted partners to help process your minerals with high quality and standard.

Scientific analysis

To ensure quality of our processing, we can also offer laboratory-analysis for most common base and industrial minerals. Our experienced laboratory team is implementing advanced scientific methods and instruments, including LIBS which identifies the composition of the mineral. This will allow you to know the quality of your materials and decide on the best route of action for your guaranteed success.

Processing service:

Mineral Trading​

At Beta Metals, we excel in delivering top-notch trading solutions for a diverse range of minerals. Our seasoned team brings extensive expertise and industry insights, ensuring competitive prices and prompt payments for our clients.

Seeking to sell minerals? Look no further than Beta Metals. Our industry success is well-established, and our commitment lies in forging enduring partnerships with our clients, grounded in mutual trust and respect. Reach out to us to discover how we can assist in realizing your mineral trading aspirations.

We are equipped to handle nearly all rock materials, with a special focus on these rocks and minerals:


We are always looking for new members to expand our highly skilled warehouse and management team. Please send your contact information and short summary of your work experience to our e-mail: [email protected] for further communication.

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